Hopscotch Kelowna

British Columbia's longest-running premium Whisky, Beer, and Spirit festival is now the biggest of its kind on the west coast!

The Hopscotch Festival, held last year in September, was an immense success! More than 5000 people from around The Okanagan attended to taste, sip, and learn about hundreds of different products. Ranging from vintage Scotch Whisky to different spirits to craft beer from around the province to delicious food, there was something for everybody.

In 2009, The Okanagan Food and Drink festival was launched. In the first year, 2500 people attended! In 2010, the show changed its name to be branded under the same name as its sister festival, Vancouver's 18 year old Hopscotch Festival. After 18 YEARS of amazing shows in Vancouver, it was decided that using the Hopscotch name would increase all standards for this show. In 2014 there will be Whisky, Premium and Craft Beer, Food, as well as lots of different spirits including Tequila, Vodka, Rum, etc.

This is a festival of education. This is where people come to enjoy "It". It is the taste, the history, the flavours, the fun, the people, the products, the atmosphere, the everything. "It" is whatever you want it to be!

Purchased tickets this year will include 5 tasting tokens. Allow us to get you started in your tasting adventure!